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Wire technology

Our first generations of products use wire technology. Your motorised equipment (shutter or awning) is ordered with a wall-mounted control panel connected to the motor by a wire embedded in the wall. Now, most of our products integrate radio technologies which allow you to enjoy the comfort of remote control. Are you currently equipped with a product using wired technology, and looking to make the switch to radio technology? You can, with the help of a radio transmitter. Find out how it works!

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Wireless technologies

With Somfy wireless technologies and those of our partners, make your life easier and upgrade your installation free of constraints! Using radio technology, your equipment communicates directly together in your smart home. They're centralised on a single remote control or home automation box so you can control them together or manage them from your app.


The io-homecontrol® radio protocol is a reliable and secure technology featuring data feedback. You can check the status of your equipment at any time. It’s tailored for remote control from a smartphone. io-homecontrol technology is scalable, allowing you to add new equipment as your needs evolve while keeping with your budget, and most importantly, without changing your current installation.


Somfy joined the industrial consortium Thread, created in 2014 by leading stakeholders in smart homes with the aim of developing and promoting a global communication protocol that’s reliable and secure to connect and control the various connected devices in the home.

Several million devices installed around the world are equipped with Somfy Radio Technology – Somfy's historic radio protocol.

TaHoma®, Somfy's smart home solution is compatible with the EnOcean radio protocol for heating systems by adding a gateway or radio module.

The ZigBee protocol is the authority in wireless communication, used by Somfy in North America and Asia for smart homes. It provides data feedback so you can check the status of your equipment at all times.

TaHoma®, Somfy's smart home solution is compatible with the Zwave two-way radio protocol for lighting by adding a gateway or radio module. Somfy also distributes solutions that use this protocol.

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Are radio waves dangerous for your health?

A mobile phone has a transmission power of about 1 watt and a Wi-Fi box may transmit about 0.1 watts. For motorised radio equipment, we’re down to milliwatts. What’s more, the equipment is only used 1 to 10 seconds per day. In short, radio-powered equipment emits 1,000 times less power and for a period of time that’s 1,000 times shorter than that of a mobile phone.

Our home automation solutions are also compatible with


TaHoma® is now compatible with IFTTT, a free app and web interface which lets you create automated interactions between two connected devices or services, outside the Somfy ecosystem. With IFTTT app, create automatisms between TaHoma® scenarios and other devices compatible with IFTTT.

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Amazon Alexa

TaHoma® is compatible with the voice assistant from Amazon: Alexa connected to the speakers Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap. Create your scenario on TaHoma® app from your smartphone and play them with your voice, using Alexa!

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Apple HomeKit

Apple's HomeKit technology offers a simple and secure way to control HomeKit-accessible accessories using Apple's Home app and Siri on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. With TaHoma®, control your equipment and create your scenarios from Apple's Home app.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the voice-assistant from Google available on various devices, such as Google Home speakers, your smartphone and more. Use Google's Assistant to launch with your voice your scenario created with TaHoma® app.