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Need some advice on how to use our products? The Somfy community and the Yellows (Somfy online advisors) are here to help. The answer to your question may already be on our forum! If not, ask your question on our forum and quickly get a response from our community!

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Find a Somfy professional or reseller

Would you like assistance? Look for a Somfy professional near you to help guide you towards the best solution for your project and carry out the product’s installation. Would you like to install our products yourself? Somfy products are available in many DIY shops and specialised department stores. There should be one near you!

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Fill in some simple information and follow the guide. In a few steps, Somfy will reveal the best solutions for your project. You can also find some tips for your installation.

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I can't decide between several products!

Use our support forum

What about asking our support forum? The answer might already be available on our forum! You can always ask your question online if you don’t have the information you need.

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Somfy will help you choose your solution and put you in touch with one or more installers near you.

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I would like assistance with the installation or use of my product

My product stopped working!


My roller shutter stopped working! Get online support to identify your issue.

Is your roller shutter not working properly? Use our online support tool to identify your issue and find a solution quickly.

Use the online support tool

Get at-home repair with Somfy Assistance

Submit a request online for your alarm, awning, garage door, gate or shutter by filling in some simple information and have an installer contact you quickly. They will help you program or re-program your Somfy product, or assist you if it isn't working. From 95 euros, including taxes.

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